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Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil: Vitamin A-D-E

Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil: Vitamin A-D-E

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What is it?

Jamaican Mango and Lime Black Castor Oil are a natural, deep penetrating, all-purpose healing oil formulated to moisturize and heal dry skin, hair, and nails. The blend is infused with organic herbs and nourishing ingredients for the ultimate moisturizing and aromatic experience.


This is a powerful all-purpose, soothing oil roasted and grounded from the Jamaican black castor oil bean then boiled to produce 100% pure castor oil. These pure and unrefined oils retain their nutritive properties, making them great for skin softening, moisturizing massage oils, or hot oil treatments for dry, damaged hair.

What makes it special?
  • Promotes healthy hair and scalp
  • Helps relieve itchy scalp
  • Moisturizes
  • Revitalizes
  • Softens
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