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Ghost Bond XL Watermelon

Ghost Bond XL Watermelon

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  • Specially formulated for oily scalps high humidity heavy perspiration.
  • A world-class performance with a scent of summer, GHOST BOND XL Watermelon Adhesive from Professional Hair Labs.

    Designed with enhanced waterproof capabilities and advanced moisture control to give you the best adhesive under high temperatures.

    With a higher melting point than other adhesives, it keeps a strong bond in high-temperature settings such as tropical locations, spas, and heated pool areas.

    Free from:
    Harsh chemicals, Toxic ingredients, Latex.
    So you can feel confident that you will get a superior hold that is safe and gentle to your skin.

    Formulated for oily scalps, heavy perspiration, high temperatures, and excessive humidity to keep the bond strong between your skin and hair.

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